Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing


Click on the link below for more information about each individual part of the course – including a brief list of topics covered each day.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® (Now Know Myself) 2 Day Introduction

Jin Shin Jyutsu® (Now Know Myself) 1 Day Organ Function Day – see above link, Part 2.

These self help courses are aimed at providing you with greater understanding of your own self and your healthy functioning – and teaching simple, effective self care techniques to take care of every day stresses and disharmonies, for yourself, family and friends.

Self help techniques are not intended to replace appropriate medical or psychological care, but knowing them can enhance and complement any natural or traditional medical treatments you may be taking, and empower you greatly in your psychological counselling process.

Along side the advances of modern medicine, the art of caring for one’s own individual and unique being through the major and minor crises of health and growth is being rediscovered and redefined. These courses are aimed at providing you with ample techniques to apply, and also provide key understandings about you, and your own unique ways of handling stress. Understanding your own self gives you deeper access to healing, growing and the joyful Art of Living.

The courses offered here are complete in themselves, but those interested in pursuing their interest further will find useful links for professional level training courses on the links page.

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Knowledge is not acquired for its own sake, but for my awakening.

Mary Burmeister, “What Mary Says, …” pg 10