Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing


Below are a few of my practice hand-outs which you are welcome to check out and use. Please remember that these techniques are not intended to replace appropriate medical care, but to assist you in harmonising your energies, thus supporting self healing, in conjunction with medical care as needed.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu®

These sequences can be safely tried out in any order, for as long as you need. They are very good as both general maintenance and prevention. It is important that your shoulders remain relaxed and are not strained by any of the jumper-cabling positions. No pressure is required, simply holding each point or position as comfortably as possible. If any one position is not comfortable, skip it and move on to the next. It can be useful to use pillows to prop up your arms or body.

Sequences can be applied to oneself or to others, in which case the person who is applying the sequence must make sure he or she is comfortably seated, without strain. If you are applying them to yourself, you can be seated, lying, standing, or moving – so long as you are able to relax. Holding each point for 2-5 minutes is a good starting place, until you come to feel the pulse beneath and in your hands, and can hold a position until the pulse settles or lifts into a clear, gentle and steady rhythm. Check regularly that you can drop your shoulders (melt them down to your toes) and exhale easily and naturally.

Apart from the Main Central flow, there are sequences for the right and the left sides of the body – choose the side that is most tense, or in most discomfort first. For the immune flows, it can be great to do both sides.


New visitors wanting more information as to which flows to use when and why: you may like to attend a self help course or experience a treatment session.

Anthroposophical Indications

This bath recipe should be followed exactly. If you have any questions, please contact me. It can be wonderful to use with children who are very nervous or hyperactive, or when they (you) have had a bad shock. Very occasionally a child may respond to this with an outburst of tears or distress. Support your child as needed, letting the outburst happen and pass, releasing the held-in tension.

It is a little fiddly to get the whole process right first time, so it can be helpful if parents try this out on themselves first, before starting a sequence with their child. It is a wonderful support for tired-out, run-down parents! In cases of shock, it can help to put a few (12) drops of Rescue Remedy (Bach Flowers) or similar flower essence support in the bath water.

General Information

Practice Leaflets and Brochures

These leaflets are in printable pdf format – A4 size.

Have patience with all things, but most of all with yourself.

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