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Immune System – Self Help Tips

This series of holds deals with basic and general immune system support. These can be augmented and combined with the sequences of the Main Central Vertical and Immune Boosters which are given as PDF documents in the Downloads section of this site.

      1. Activation
      2. Elimination
      3. Balance and Discrimination
      4. Regeneration
      5. Deep Fatigue (Acute/Urgent)
      6. Deep Fatigue (Chronic/Long Term)

1. Immune System: Activation

Holding the tops of the shoulders (reaching back to the inner (medial) top of the shoulder blade, and towards the spine as much as is comfortable) helps bring energy up the body and down the arms. It also helps everything unload and activates the immune system. Therefore it helps with

      • All immune system needs – this hold acts as your inbuild anti-biotic
      • Elimination – especially from head and chest congestions
      • Lymphatic drainage and clearing
      • Pain and tension in the shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist, and hand.
      • Sore throats and colds
      • Breathing breathing and lung congestion
      • Neck tension
      • All auto-immune disorders

You can hold one hand hooked over the opposite shoulder, and the other hand resting on the same side groin area. Or you can cross your hands over to help both shoulders at the same time.

2. Immune System: Elimination

Holding the inguinal ligament or groin on each side, between the hip bone and the pubic bone, helps cleanse and purify our whole system, mentally, emotionally and physically.

      • Supports immune system by promoting clearing and elimination of toxins
      • Promotes lymph flow and so aids swollen legs and feet
      • Helps heal all injuries (hold groin and injury site to speed healing), including broken bones, sprains and strains
      • Helps pre and post surgery, including clearing scar tissue
      • Helps circulation and vascular projects such as varicose veins
      • Harmonises fluid balance in the body, and so aids kidneys
      • Strengthens and warms the body and so is good for people who feel the cold

3. Immune System: Balance & Discrimination

Holding the inner (or medial) arch of the foot helps bring energy down and helps the immune system find balance and discrimination throughout the body and mind. It therefore is particularly helpful to assist with any ‘allergic’ reactions, sensitivities or intolerances, including:

      • All auto-immune disorders
      • Deep seated tensions in shoulders and upper back (works on opposite side upper body, e.g. holding right arch/foot, supports left back/shoulder)
      • Chest congestions
      • Digestive/Immune disturbances, especially of a reactive, over-sensitive or sluggish (underactive) nature
      • Opposite ear for ear infections or vestibular (balance) disturbances
      • Left/Right brain function
      • When to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in life
      • Dizziness
      • Headaches due to digestive or allergen disturbances
      • Collapsed arches or tight arches/crescent feet

You can hold one hand on the arch of the foot, with the other hand resting on the same side groin area. Or you can sit and cross your legs to more easily hold both feet at the same time.

4. Immune System: Regeneration

Holding the seat bones on both sides (e.g. sitting or lying on your hands, palm up or palm down, whichever is more comfortable) helps bring energy up from the feet to regenerate the body. It helps the whole system to quietly regenerate, as well as:

      • Supports general immune function of regeneration of all tissues
      • Digestive discomforts when there is not enough energy to fuel digestive processes
      • Helps spleen to balance appetite
      • Metabolism – to harmonise over/underactivity
      • Helps energise kidney, liver, spleen and pancreas
      • Fatigue – a quick pick-me-up
      • Weight balance – helps body lose/put on weight as needed – recommended to hold for 20mins per day for 3 weeks.
      • Circulation and bowel regulation (especially when used together with holding groin)
      • Helps bring consciousness ‘in’ after sleep, and prepare for mental alertness during the day: hold seat-bones for a few minutes before getting up for the day, especially if you feel groggy in the mornings.

5. Immune System: Deep Fatigue (Acute)

Holding both hands on your head, fingers meeting lightly along the midline of the top of the head. This helps the whole body when you and it are in overwhelm, extreme tiredness, or exhaustion.

6. Immune System: Deep Fatigue (Chronic)

Holding each hand on the mid back, close to the spine at the level of the 12th (last) rib. (If you are lying down, you may find that turning your hands palms down eases strain in your shoulders and elbows.) This helps the body and mind receive energy and sustain functioning. Deep, chronic fatigue is usually long lasting and complex, so daily care with this hold for several months is very helpful. It also supports:

    • Adrenal imbalances (often caused by chronic or long term anxiety, overstimulation or shock)
    • Nervous tension, oversensitivity and recurring anxiety
    • Fluid imbalance and electrolyte imbalance
    • Lymphatic flow and movement
    • Overall body strength and vitality, endurance and immune efficiency
    • Flow and joy in life, in thoughts, in feelings, and actions
    • Being in charge of one’s own destiny


The Jin Shin Jyutsu information provided is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional, whom you should always consult about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or stopping any medication or starting any course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.