Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing


While some clients prefer to focus on one modality exclusively, in other cases a combination of approaches is helpful.

Example one:

A 40-something woman in a high stress executive job came initially because she was feeling exhausted a lot of the time. At first we built up her energy and resilience with Jin Shin Jyutsu, while she rested on the table. Gradually her energy increased and we turned our focus to shoulder and lower back pain due to posture and ongoing tension. As this eased, there was more conversation during the sessions and EFT was brought in to deal with specific anxieties. When she found this to be effective, we started to work more broadly to not only address specific stress situations, but blocks she felt were preventing her stepping further on her career ladder. In between we would address whatever structural tensions or phases of exhaustion arose out of the week by week workload and travel schedule, and support the changes with flower essences. Over a period of 2 years, this once exhausted and stressed woman gained in vitality, focus, and has stepped into even more demanding professional roles without losing her well being and with increased engagement and confidence.

Example two:

A retired handyman had suffered an injury (severed finger successfully reattached) many years earlier and while he had little physical discomfort, he experienced regular vivid flashbacks to the accident. Whilst working on general maintenance with ortho-bionomy, such a flashback was triggered in the session. Using EFT to work through the emotional and memory responses, and gentle tissue-integration ortho-bionomy work we settled these uncomfortable symptoms down and they no longer recur.

Example three:

An older client who had open heart surgery 10 years previously, had poor circulation and a lot of energy congestion. Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments began to regulate and harmonise the energy flow through his chest and lower body, and combined with Ortho-Bionomy softened and opened up tissues through the chest around the scars, opening up breathing and lymph circulation and increasing vitality significantly.

Example four:

A woman in her late 40s arrived with dizziness and disorientation symptoms. Checking out her ears for balance, it appeared that her right ear energy was extremely different from her left and when she had this followed up by her doctor, it turned out there was a tumour on her auditory nerve. Using Jin Shin Jyutsu and Ortho-Bionomy we kept the headaches and disorientation somewhat at bay, until surgery could remove the tumour. Before surgery we used EFT to tap on a range of anxieties and concerns that naturally arose out of this very serious condition and surgical intervention. Despite a successful removal of the tumour, there followed a couple of years of severe headaches and continuing disorientation. When the sensitivity of the surgical scar was too strong to tolerate Ortho-Bionomy, Jin Shin Jyutsu provided relief and speeded up the physical healing. Teaching family members self care Jin Shin Jyutsu meant that it could be applied daily at home for extra support. Flower essences for over sensitivity and overwhelm, helped to stabilise her through the recovery period.

Example five:

A young girl of 12 came for Jin Shin Jyutsu for extremely debilitating headaches. Headaches so severe they resembled seizures. Jin Shin Jyutsu began to regulate the congested energy in her head and upper body. EFT was helpful when she became understandably anxious to return to school and risk triggering another episode. And later on Ortho-Bionomy was helpful in releasing structural tensions that would re-emerge gradually over time. Over a period of about 10 years, she has managed to find greater balance in her inner life and needed less and less intervention only coming occasionally when she feels she needs to.

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What clients are saying ...

Tineke's ability in working with Ortho-Bionomy has entirely taken away the discomfort and pain in my back, which was caused by a small amount of scoliosis and a twist in my spine. For three years I had  tried many different treatments, none of which had really helped. The first Ortho-Bionomy treatment I received, I could immediately feel relief and positive changes along my spine which I had thought perhaps not possible before. Because my body had been out of balance for so long it took time to work with this and reeducate my body into it's natural alignment. Over the next 7 months I continued with Ortho-Bionomy each time noticing changes and ease in my body as well as emotional relief that these changes could happen. Not only am I now free from the discomfort and pain through my spine but I have learned to listen and understand my body in a more natural and observant way.

(Erica, Mornington)

What clients are saying …