Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing


Alessandra: After an ortho-bionomy® session I experience a wonderful logical calmness – as though my body is saying “Oh look, it is so simple”.

K.H.: For many years now I have tried psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy and much more in an attempt to remove the emotional blocks I have acquired in my life. I have been blessed to have found EFT and a wonderful practitioner of this therapeutic modality. I now understand the experiences in my life that have harmed, victimised and impacted me. EFT has allowed me to revisit the events, experiences and emotions which have had a strong emotional impact on my conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. I have identified the experiences and transformed them into experiences that no longer weigh me down and dictate my beliefs and behaviours. I feel like I have been walking through life in a sleep state whilst pulling chains around me feet. EFT has given me the gift to free myself of my chains. I can now look at my experiences objectively and understand the profound learning I was supposed to acquire from them. I feel that my past no longer defines me and dictates my future, but now I have the clarity to move onto my clean slate, and build the life I choose, with no emotional attachments holding me back. I understand now that our experiences are there as a learning experience designed to evolve our personal journey. Your experiences are simply just what it is – nothing more, nothing less. Thank you Tineke for guiding me to my Self.

Romke Haisma (Builder): I have had the privilege of knowing Tineke Bak for some years. Having spent most of my working life in the housing construction industry, I have had on many occasions slight dislocations in the back. The pain and discomfort has been severe enough to need professional advice and treatment. The technique Tineke Bak uses is such that after 1 to 3 sessions the problem has been corrected totally.

Irene (Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner) Tineke has been practising Jin Shin Jyutsu® now for several years and brings that wealth of experience to every session. Tineke also holds two-day Self Help classes, providing such a wealth of knowledge and encouragement to those attending that you feel totally empowered afterwards to go out into the world and not only help yourself better, but also friends and relatives with this amazing Japanese harmonising practice…

Angelique (Lakes Entrance): A childhood accident badly damaged my coccyx, and for the past 25 years I have tried many therapies and practitioners to try to relieve the pain and tension in my back. My neck also became a major problem after 3 whiplash events. Since receiving treatments from Tineke Bak for the last 3 years (whenever I visit Melbourne which is about every 3-6 mths), not only my back remains pain-free for months at a time, but my whole body has an overall feeling of well being that I have never achieved since childhood. The delicate and sensitive way that Tineke worked on my neck needs special mention. Since the multiple whiplash events, many other therapists said I would probably never achieve being pain-free and comfortable again. However Tineke’s treatments not only achieved that, but she also released damage that had probably occurred during my birth, and my neck is the most tension-free it has ever been. To sum it all up, Tineke is both physically and emotionally attentive (fully present with the client), and is the most gentle yet effective practitioner I have ever been to.

Irene: Tineke has a wonderful touch with ortho-bionomy®. I have really found it very helpful for my hips, lower back, and more recently, neck and cranium, both damaged in car accidents. I would highly recommend some sessions to anyone with skeletal or muscular discomfort. It is amazingly effective.

Karl Haisma (Building Industry): Over a number of years Tineke Bak has helped me with back and shoulder problems always with satisfying and beneficial results.

We are fountains, not reservoirs.

Mary Burmeister,
“What Mary Says,…” pg 27