Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing

Ortho-Bionomy for Children

Ortho-Bionomy (body work) is an important part of the success of movement & sensory integration programs for children (and adults) with behavioural and learning difficulties.

(Movement and Sensory Integration Programmes include The Extra Lesson, Threefold Learning Therapy, Learn Easily Program, Curative Eurhythmy, or the Dore Program, as well as auditory processing programmes like the Tomatis Method and The Listening Programme, etc)

Movement and sensory integration programmes require your child to develop his or her full capacities of spatial orientation, dominance and laterality (left/right sidedness), as well as hearing and vision. This work is generally carried out through many and varied movements, especially designed exercises to challenge your child’s senses to activate, integrate and mature. To do this work with a body that is not aligned is a little like pushing a shopping trolley with all the wheels pointing in different directions. It requires much more effort and tends to take considerably longer. Most of all it is often frustrating.

Auditory processing programmes like the Tomatis Method and The Listening Programme, also often work more effectively when cranial tensions have been balanced and eased.

Ortho-Bionomy is highly recommended at the beginning or before commencement of movement and learning sessions—so that your child can get the most out of the work he or she does with an aligned, tuned and responsive ‘bodily instrument’. Just a few Ortho-Bionomy® sessions (usually 3 or 4) can rebalance and re-align birth-related tension patterns, pelvic, neck and other mis-alignments, providing a ‘clean slate’ for future work.

When movements and the sense of movement are well developed, the sense of freedom will arise as a capacity of soul.

Edmond Schoorel, “The First Seven Years: Physiology of Childhood”