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Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help and Cancer

Self Help Booklet

Self Help Booklet

I recently checked in to the New Zealand Jin Shin Jyutsu Association website ( and discovered that they have not only upgraded the look of their site but also added to their self help page. As it is at the bottom of the page with a number of other self help charts and items, keep scrolling down til you find it.

Marie Blackford, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and cancer survivor has compiled this comprehensive little self help booklet and made it available for download as a PDF file free of charge! The website states the booklet is available in English, Spanish, Dutch and Portugese – but the link is to the English version. Presumably the other language version can be had by contacting the Jin Shin Jyutsu Association.

It requires no special training, basic information is included with charts and clear descriptions. And it contains a wealth of handy tips for using Jin Shin Jyutsu for symptoms as well as for helping the body cope with chemo and radiation treatments as well as many possible side effects.

Thank you, Marie!

PS – Jin Shin Jyutsu should be used to complement and not replace appropriate medical care and advice.