Body-Wise Soul-Wise Healing

The Hand – Self Help Tips

The simplest application of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is in holding the fingers and palm of each hand. Holding each of your fingers for a few minutes more or less, for example, helps melt the tensions causing a variety of stresses. Harmonising the energy flowing through the fingers is particularly helpful in harmonising our thinking and attitudes.

Check on the Downloads page for a pdf summary page – the hand/coathanger sheet as well as the opposite fingers and toes sheet.

  1. Thumbs
  2. Index Finger
  3. Middle Finger
  4. Ring Finger
  5. Little Finger
  6. Palms

Thumbs help with

  • worry and anxiety
  • headaches
  • digestive discomforts
  • sugar cravings
  • appetite imbalance

Index fingers help with

  • fear and anxiety
  • muscle tension
  • back ache and discomforts
  • elimination
  • fluid balance

Middle fingers help with

  • frustration and anger
  • procrastination and lethargy
  • eye strain
  • joint/ligament discomforts
  • allergies
  • tiredness

Ring fingers help with

  • sadness and grief
  • loss of commonsense
  • breathing projects
  • elimination projects
  • immune system
  • negative thinking

Little fingers help with

  • confusion and trying to be something you’re not
  • stress and feeling like life is an effort
  • heart projects of all kinds
  • blood projects
  • bone projects
  • assimilation of vitamins & minerals

Palm Centres help with

  • despondency, despair
  • deep tiredness and overwhelm
  • addictions
  • depression, dissociations, trauma
  • everything and anything
  • overall harmonisation and balance


The Jin Shin Jyutsu information provided is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional, whom you should always consult about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or stopping any medication or starting any course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.